Knowledge management for creative practices.

We are building a collective memory of your company.
And we connect knowledge between practices, the industry and universities.
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Bastian Müller

CEO & Founder


we are LEAP, short for „Learning in Practice“. We are creating a novel knowledge management platform for companies and businesses.

Here you'll find more detailed information soon. Stay tuned!

We believe, that today

  • all knowledge is available and almost all questions ever asked are answered

  • everyone is a specialist and has in-depth knowledge in different fields,

  • constant learning is an ongoing process throughout the entire life.

We offer you

  • help, to structure your company and business knowledge,

  • a personalised network of knowledge to grow around you,

  • access to all specialised knowledge from everyone in the network.

Our vision:

A collective memory.

A “collective memory” is built from important bits of knowledge. It will grow, remember and organise information to keep up with what is relevant for you.


People – not algorithms – decide what is important.

By innovatively combining different streams of knowledge, new business- and research niches can evolve.

Together we make the future memorable.


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LEAP – Learning in Practice

Bastian Müller

Tel.: +49 160 3177713

Friedelstraße 4 
12047 Berlin


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